Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Review - Sea Salt Eatery

Sea Salt
4801 Minnehaha Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55417
(612) 721-8990 ‎

If you haven't been to Sea Salt this year, hurry! Time is running out. They close the doors, till next spring, on October 31. If you've never been, then you need to go now. That way, you'll have time to fit a couple of visits in, you'll want to go back!

The restaurant is located next to Minnehaha Falls, so take a walk or bike around the park, visit the fall, and then eat some delicious seafood.

Inside tables are limited, but there's ample outdoor seating. Dress to sit outside and you'll be happy. Another thing that's "outside" is the bathroom. Well, it's through a pavilion and is shared with the public park. The restaurant is always clean, the restrooms are not.

To order, you stand in line. Sometimes it's a long line, but it usually moves pretty quickly. The menu is on the wall and the specials are posted on a chalk board, and online. I suggest, if you're with someone, that one person stands in line while the other finds a table. Your drinks are given to you at the counter and the food is brought to you.

On our last trip to Sea Salt, Tony and I had the Whole Fried Crappie served w/ Chowder & Melon for $13.95. The skin was very crispy and the inside was perfectly light and flaky. We got a bit of attention as we ate the fish. It did look intriguing next to all the fish sandwiches around us.

There is so much tasty stuffs at Sea Salt. The catfish is one of my favorites, maybe because I'm from Texas. I've heard that the oysters are great. They come fried, served in a sandwich, or on the half shell. I also recommend the fish tacos. There are six different ones to pick from including grilled veggies, if you want a break from fish.

Unfortunately, if you're dying for fish-n-chips, you might not be completely satisfied. Chips are not on the menu. Sorry. Maybe the clam fries will fill the void?

Another thing that I enjoy at Sea Salt is the hot sauce bar. There must be 30 different kinds. I didn't count, I just know that there's plenty to choose from. I like to try different ones till I get one that's too hot, then I switch to malt vinegar.

I think October 31st is going to sneak up on us. The winter can seem so long without that last, fresh memory of Sea Salt on your tongue. So, don't delay!

Tony, sitting in front of Sea Salt's open kitchen

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