Monday, September 13, 2010

Review - India House (Closed)

India House
765 53rd Avenue Northeast
Fridley, MN 55421-1240
(763) 586-9800

I've recently discovered Indian food and now it's all I think about. When I moved from Uptown to a northern suburb I was afraid that I was also moving away from my delicious Indian restaurants. Namaste and Dancing Ganesha were may favorites. They both have very good food, with hit and miss service. Fortunately, my worries proved futile when I found India House.

The Food is great! The menu is huge, so there is something for everyone. My friend Christine was thrilled to find two pages of vegetarian dishes. There's also chicken and lamb to choose from. Of course, the menu is rounded out with crispy appetizers and sweet desserts like the creamy rice pudding.

If you already enjoy the wonderful world of Indian food, I would suggest you grab a bunch of friends and head to Fridley for a huge shared dinner. If you're not sure yet, go for lunch. They have a buffet that includes most of the favorites.

There are two hot tables, one veggie the other with meat and rice. The jasmine rice is light and fluffy and the nann (flat bread) is warm and soft. The dal (lentils) and the curried veggies were my favorite from the first table. On the next, I enjoyed the tandoori chicken (think Indian fajitas) and the vindaloo. Vindaloo is a hot and sour dish. I think my mother would like it, she loves that combo. There's also a cold table with salad, puddings and condiments. I love the mint sauce, which is bright green and spicy. The buffet also includes chi tea and mango lassi. Tony had a few cups of the lassi, a creamy mango and yogurt drink.

The alcohol selection could use a little work. There's a small wine list that is not very memorable. I had a Shiraz, it was alright. They feature the same Indian beers that you can find at most Indian restaurants, I think they taste like Bud. They also serve the usual American beers, which also taste like Bud, or Miller, or Coors.* I would start with the huge glass of water the server fills for you, have some hot tea, and finish with a lassi.

Service at the India House Restaurant is quick and friendly. The manager has made a point of saying hello and welcoming me each time that I have visited. I felt like a regular my first time there and can not wait to go back.

*I might be a bit of a beer snob. I don't like to drink beers that are owned or distributed by InBev or MillerCoors. It's not a flavor thing, it's purely political. India House does offer Guinness, Summit and Dark Horse. Which are all TastyStuffs approved.

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