Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tip - How to Roast Garlic

To roast garlic, this one's for you Tim, you take a whole head and cut the top off of it.

Place the garlic on foil cut side up.

Drizzle oil over the garlic.

Salt, pepper and add any fresh herbs that you'd like to add.

Then, fold the foil tightly around the garlic.

Place the foiled garlic into an oven preheated to 350-400° or set in on the grill away from direct flame.

Cook until the garlic is soft. I like to give it a little squeeze with my fingers, but if you're not used to touching hot things, use tongs. You'll learn with experience.

20 minutes is an average time for the garlic to roast, depending on the heat and size.

When done, the garlic cloves should pop right out of the head when you squeeze them.

Roasted garlic has a much more mild flavor than raw or sautéed garlic, so use it more generously. It's great speared on toast, mixed with mashed potatoes, tossed in pasta and a million other ways! Have fun and enjoy your tasty roasted garlic!

-I like to throw the roasted garlic peel in my stock, towards the end of cooking if it's a meat stock.
-Roasted garlic is gluten free! Yipee!


  1. Have you ever tried to freeze the roasted cloves? Would love to have some waiting in the freezer. If you try let me know how they do.

  2. This is a great how-to! Thanks!

  3. Thank you for the feed back Amy. I'm glad you liked it!!